Personal Chiropractic Experience

Gloriana experienced her first car accident in grade 4, the people who lived in the houses nearby thought a gun went off. Since then for the next 10 years she experienced one to two car accidents a year. With all the accidents and self-training in gymnastics she had her fair share of experience with chiropractors. As she got older she realized that no chiropractor is the same; not all take X-rays, EMG’s or posture scans, nor do they adjust the same. In her late 20’s she was diagnosed with arthritis in her back. In her early years the chiropractors never told her that her back was deteriorating and what to do to maintain it. At Kramp Chiropractic not only do you get X-rays, EMG’s and posture scans, but they go over it with you and explain what is going on with your body and how to keep it functioning at its full potential – this was amazing for her. She knew this would be the place for her.

Personal Life

Gloriana is all about living life to its fullest. She enjoys volunteering with the youth in her neighborhood. She has a passion to learn new things, being active or chilling with her husband on the couch watching the view out the window. She loves to travel around the Caribbean Ocean with her husband when life permits it. On the daily you can find her singing at the top of her lungs to a new favorite song.