Stephanie began working as a chiropractic assistant with us at the end of January. As a person who has just recently been introduced into the world of chiro, she is already fascinated by the results and effects that chiropractic care has had on herself as well as other patients.  She is excited to learn everything there is to know about chiropractic care as well as overall health and wellness from Dr. Nicole, Dr. Kramp and Dr. Plueschow.

Personal Chiropractic Experience

Growing up in a very small town in rural Manitoba, chiropractic care was something that she never had immediate access to and really didn’t know much about. Throughout her teenage years chronic back pain became the normal, as well as low energy and an irregular sleep schedule. As these problems continued to worsen as she began university, she was sure she would be dealing with these issues for the rest of her life as medication was only a temporary fix and never seemed to alleviate the problem. As she continued through university her struggle with anxiety was also on the same path, medication never seemed to work and was again left feeling as though this was a problem she would forever be stuck with. Since starting her journey with chiropractic care she immediately seen relief with her chronic back pain, and was able to get her sleep schedule back to normal. In terms of anxiety and energy levels along with overall better health and wellness she believes chiropractic care plays a role in helping her with these issues as well. Stephanie is excited to continue her chiropractic journey to better her quality of life in many aspects of her life and encourages others to do so as well.

Personal Life

Stephanie graduated with her Bachelor of Science from Brandon University in 2019 and has plans to attend a graduate program in the near future. When not at the office, Stephanie is often found with friends and family staying active and spending time outside. She enjoys to further her knowledge in any way she can by reading a good book, taking a masterclass. Stephanie looks forward to learning and growing as a person at Kramp Chiropractic.