Dr. Kramp had a strong desire as a child to become a chiropractor as he watched his dad, who is also a chiropractor, help thousands of people with only his hands. He loved that healing was possible without the use of drugs or surgery. This became his life mission, to help as many people as possible to heal without drugs or surgery. Becoming a chiropractor has been the greatest life decision he has ever made. Right after graduation in 2007 he founded Kramp Chiropractic and has been growing it ever since. He has helped thousands of people all over Manitoba get their lives back from the depths of pain and suffering. He has a long term goal to work until he’s 65 before he ever thinks about the word “retirement”.

Outside of chiropractic he enjoys staying active with running, hockey, hiking and camping. He has 3 beautiful daughters and an amazing partner Hollie. His burning desire is to never stop evolving and to always be open to learning.


Dr. Kramp attended the University of Winnipeg before heading to Minneapolis to study Chiropractic at Northwestern Chiropractic College (NWCC). While at NWCC, Dr. Kramp was able to maintain a balance between being among the most involved in his school and a father of three beautiful girls. Through his hard work Dr. Kramp was fortunate enough to win the prestigious Student of the Year award in his final year of college. Dr. Kramp graduated NWCC with a B.Sc. in Human Biology and a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic).