I began my journey to become a chiropractor in the 1970’s as a member of Canada’s National Diving Team. After several neck injuries from seemingly endless training, I was taken to a great chiropractor. After just a few visits with him, he inspired and encouraged me to think about becoming a chiropractor myself. I knew that this was the career choice for me! I got my license to practice in Manitoba in 1980 and have spent the last 40 years pursuing an amazing life helping as many people as possible become healthy with chiropractic care. I have kept looking for ways to improve my skills, and teach families the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system.

I have been married for 40 years and have two wonderful grown children and two fantastic grand-kids. I have spent 38 years living and practicing in Charleswood and am really excited to be asked to join the team at Kramp Chiropractic. I bring excellence with integrity to the team and am looking forward to serving our community.