It’s that time of year again where we all can enjoy the incredible fall colours, watch the geese starting to leave on their long southward journeys and hopefully many nice walks and bike rides in the various parks in and around our city. Certainly the Pandemic has changed many of our behaviours and added immensely to our daily stress levels.

Looking at my back yard I see the work that will need to be done over the coming weeks. There is raking to be done, bags of yard waste to be filled and lifted and dragged out to the pick up areas, lawns to be cut a few more times and the snow blower to be started to make sure it is still working! So, a lot of activity that many of us are not used to.

I always suggest to my patients…”take your time!” Putting a sudden stress on your back and pushing yourself past your comfortable limits is never a good thing. Before attacking that huge pile of leaves, branches or yard waste, warm your muscles up a bit first with a brisk 10 minute walk or a short bike ride. Slow and easy stretches to your back, neck, leg and arm muscles should help to reduce unnecessary pulls or tears. If the yard needs an extra day or two to finish, then take the time to do it comfortably. Soaking in a nice tub of hot water with a cup or two of Epsom salts afterwards will also help. Most importantly, get you spine checked and adjusted by your chiropractor before and maybe even afterwards, along with a relaxing massage will help you get through this fall season relatively easily.

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