The chiropractic adjustment is undoubtedly the most overlooked and undervalued health care procedure that exists today. It’s not uncommon for patients to get “miraculous” results. These results are not miracles but simply allowing the body to work the way it was designed to work. It won’t happen with one visit and it won’t happen overnight. It takes time and energy to get the results that people are looking for. We will examine your spine and make a very specific recommendation to get the best results for you. During the course of care patients will vary greatly in terms of how great the results will be. We have, over the years, been able to isolate certain things that patients can do to maximize their results while under chiropractic care.

If you do the following in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment there is little doubt that you will notice better results;

1. Get Regular Massages – Massages help to break cycles within the musculature and help to prevent issues from popping back up due to the muscles “locking up” the joints again. Not only that but it helps to flush toxins out of the body and speeds healing.

2. Drink LOTS of Water – Water will help to flush toxins, speed healing and prevent injuries. Tissues that are well hydrated tend to heal and move better.

3. Exercise – Core strengthening is key! It doesn’t take much to strengthen the core. All you need to do is a few mins every single day. On top of that moving 20-30 mins a day in any which way you like (outside of work) will allow your body to heal quicker and help to prevent future injuries

4. Stretching – During the course of care we will give you a series of stretches to do. These stretches are designed to loosen the areas that we are working on to allow for a greater adjustment and to enhance posture improvements.

5. Don’t Miss Your Scheduled Visits – We can’t help your body heal if you don’t receive the scheduled course of care. Ensure you’re getting the maximum benefits of the adjustment. Each adjustment builds off the one previous.

Use these tips to heal quicker and to enhance your overall health! If you have any questions about any of these please don’t hesitate to ask during your next office visit.

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