Do you suffer with headaches? Do you know someone who does? Then this post is for you. At some point in our lives we will have endured a headache to some degree. According to data collected it is estimated that about 50% of people globally suffer with headache disorders each and every year. What this means is that there are A LOT of people suffering. While there are many reasons for headaches, some of which are not well understood, what we do know is that chiropractic is extremely beneficial in helping people reduce the frequency and intensity of these headaches. Here is a list of the most common locations and causes of headaches:

  • Base of the skull – tension/dehydration/neck alignment issues

  • Top of your head – tension/migraine

  • Forehead – migraine/tension/sinus infection/eye strain

  • Behind eyes – cluster headaches/migraines/sinus infection/allergies/eye strain

  • Temples – tension/jaw grinding/neck issues/eye strain

  • On one side of your head – tension/migraine/hormonal

  • Entire head – tension/migraine/sinus infection/neck issues/hormonal/dehydration

This list of causes is not exhaustive but these are the most common reasons for headaches to occur. As a chiropractor, I need to ascertain the cause of the headache to be able to effectively work on correcting the cause of them. Sometimes, that will mean referring them to another health care provider to help eliminate the cause. The majority of the time we can get control of the headaches in our office. With 2 chiropractors and 2 massage therapists and a registered holistic nutritionist we can almost always get to the core of your headache problem.

A thorough exam with history will help us figure out what is going on with your headaches. It’s never as simple as just laying someone down and adjusting the headache away. If we don’t find the cause we won’t get control of the problem.

So, who do you know that is suffering needlessly? Send them in to our office and let us figure out how to best help them.

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