There has been a lot of debate about preventative care. It’s the old adage “If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”. I have heard that statement many times here at the office. Patients come in with pain and then I get them feeling better. They then ask “Why do I need to keep coming in? I feel better”. The problem is that pain is such a horrible measuring stick when it comes to health. Majority of cavities are first detected by your dentist before you have pain. Most heart attacks have zero symptoms until that first heart attack. Cancer doesn’t usually rear its head with symptoms until it’s in its late stages. We can’t rely on our body to tell us if it’s broken. We need to be proactive.

     Your health is not like a car. It is much more dynamic, yet we routinely give our car a tune up to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. Why is it that we spend more money on our possessions than we do on our personal health? If you want to stay in shape you exercise on a regular basis. If you want to have healthy teeth you brush them regularly. If you want to have vibrant health you eat healthy foods. If you want a nervous system that works at 100% you need to have regular chiropractic adjustments. Your nervous system controls and coordinates every system in your entire body. Chiropractic has been shown to directly influence the nervous system through the adjustment. Stress, whether it’s physical, chemical or emotional, has been shown to negatively influence the nervous system. We will never escape the stress of life. Chiropractic is needed more now than ever before in human history. So when people ask “If it ain’t broke then why should I fix it?” The correct answer is why would you want to wait for it to be broke? We should all be taking proper care of ourselves and preventing health issues from arising.

     You need to move well, think well and eat well! My recommendation is that you need to eat a mainly vegetable diet, drink lots of water, exercise at least 30 mins per day, supplement with vitamins, spend time reading/meditating/relaxing daily,  get a massage monthly and get adjusted on a regular basis!

     If you are unsure if you are achieving your optimal health then let us know when you’re in next and we will help you assess your wellness needs.

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