Everyday we have new patients coming into our office who are presenting with a multitude of symptoms. Even though my favourite patients are the ones that come in for wellness care and are asymptomatic, I also love helping those that come in with a specific issue. I love seeing people that are at their wits end and decide to come see me and then get these “miraculous results”. These results are always from allowing the spine and nervous system to work the way they were designed to work. It is quite common in today’s world to have a spine that is struggling to adapt. Whether it’s from sitting at a desk all day or reading in bed or having our heads down looking at our cell phone all the time, the spine is under constant stress. As a result of the constant stress what we start to see is that the spine will conform and adapt. These adaptations, while good for the short term stress, will lead to an advanced degeneration of the spine. When people enter the office we do a thorough examination to determine the extent of these adaptations. One of the tests that we perform is a digital postural analysis. This test is a simple way to see the results of the physiologic adaptations that have occurred to the spine. We often see people that have a forward head posture or people that are leaning more to one side over the other. The other nice thing with this digital postural analysis is that we also get to see the improvements under chiropractic care. We can compare the before and after and see a remarkable change with almost every patient.

Just how important is posture? Here are some points to ponder:

  • 90% of your brains energy goes toward posture

  • A forward head posture decreases shoulder mobility drastically and can lead to injuries in the shoulder itself

  • Lung capacity is decreased up to 2/3rds with a severe forward head posture

  • Spinal disc health is directly related to good posture

  • Hips and knees will degenerate at a quicker rate with abnormal posture

If you want to have good health you need to start with good posture. Get in today and have your posture assessed to determine if there are any deficiencies.

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