Chiropractic was founded over 100 years ago by a man named D.D. Palmer. This profession grew during a time when the understanding of anatomy and physiology was mostly on what you could see with the naked eye. What the early chiropractors had to do was develop a profession through trial and error. The copious amounts of quality research supporting chiropractic that we have today wasn’t available to the early pioneers who didn’t truly realize the full capabilities of the chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic has risen over the years to become a diverse profession that is backed by clinical results of millions of people every single year. Often times when talking with people who have never tried chiropractic before I will get the comment that they don’t “believe” in chiropractic. This comment always baffles me. It is inconceivable that someone wouldn’t believe in a profession that has existed for over 100 years, is backed by science and continues to grow in utilization. My witty remark is usually to the effect of “Well good news, I do exist…. I’m not a unicorn or leprechaun so there’s nothing to not believe in anymore”. This tongue in cheek comment is purely to highlight the silliness of someone saying they don’t believe. If these “non-believers” could just stand in my shoes for one day and see and hear the countless people that tell me how great they feel since starting chiropractic they would know that everyone should be under regular care as a means to help them feel and function at their best.

The principles of chiropractic have changed little from its early days and likely will change little as time marches forward. So not only has chiropractic been for the ages ….. it is also for all ages. I have men, women and children of all ages enter this office. I’ve seen a baby that was one day old and an elderly man who was 96 years old. I will often get the question “why?”. Why adjust a baby? Why adjust a man who is nearing the end of their life? What’s the point? The best answer that I have for that is that in the simplest terms chiropractic has the ability to enhance life at any age. Regardless of age, the nervous system is heavily affected by the state of the spine. The nervous system is the brain’s connection to the body and the external environment. By delivering a chiropractic adjustment we have the ability to improve the brain-body connection and allow for maximized health potential. So, who do you know that could benefit from maximized health potential? Send them in to Kramp Chiropractic for an exam to see what chiropractic could do for them.

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