Being a chiropractor has been one of the most rewarding careers I could ever imagine. I’m eternally grateful that I made the difficult decision to pursue an education that was tedious, mentally challenging and extremely expensive. Ask anyone who is a chiropractor and they will tell you that while, extremely difficult, there is no regrets to having their doctorate of chiropractic. The reason why we all love it so much is because of what we hear from our patients on a daily basis. These are the top 10 reasons why people love coming into our office:

1. Their pain levels drop dramatically. Every single day we have patients that present to us with pain in different areas and of various degrees. Some can barely walk into our office and some are having minor discomfort. Universally we have patients tell us after a course of chiropractic care that they’ve never felt better.

2. The adjustment is quick. Patients love the fact that they can fit their visit into a busy and full schedule. The process of identifying the areas to adjust primarily happens during the exam visit. We double check each time and modify as needed but the hard work was done in the initial visit. Subsequent visits are quick and easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

3. Better sleeps. I’ve heard this so many times I’ve started telling every patient they can expect to sleep better after a course of chiropractic care. A better sleep allows for better healing and more energy for your regular activities

4. More energy. Following a better sleep and less pain patients tell me regularly that they are more energetic and doing more of the things they love.

5. Happier overall. I’ve seen this so many times….. The grumpiest patient walking in the door and giving attitude to our staff and plain miserable in life turning into a smiling, happy go lucky person. When you’re no longer in pain and you’re doing more of the things you love… it’s no wonder why people are happier.

6. Release of endorphins. Every single adjustment will release endorphins in the body. That release will give you an immediate feel good. Many patients just love a tune up so they can feel great despite not having any symptoms whatsoever.

7. Natural health and wellness tips. Everything from stretches to exercise to diet to toxins to avoid. We are always giving tidbits of info for people to be able to live easier healthier lives. We have a wealth of knowledge to share about natural living and patients love receiving it.

8. Our wonderful staff! Our front desk team is all smiles and positive attitudes. This is always contagious and having a team that will make you smile is another reason why people love to walk through our doors.

9. Our diversity in adjusting techniques. We are aware that there is not a “one size fits all” technique. Some people need and prefer gentler instrument techniques and others love the manual adjustments. Here we specialize in a variety of techniques to meet your specific needs.

10. Our office is beautiful. We have designed our office to make you feel comfortable and at home. We love having families come in and the energy that exists when the office is full is electric. Come in and get adjusted and just enjoy the atmosphere for awhile and you’ll find your stress levels decrease.

Every single day I realize I am blessed to be a chiropractor and further blessed to be able to serve this community. Thank you to all of you for allowing us to be your first choice in your chiropractic care.

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