Over the next few months we are going to talk about making some healthy habits to take back that which is rightfully yours; your health! Covid has robbed many of us of many things over this last year. For some it may have been loved ones, for others it may have been work but one thing that I am seeing that almost universally happened over this last year is that the pandemic has taken many aspects of our health. Many patients have commented that they have put on weight, they have been under copious amounts of stress, they are struggling with depression, and they are dealing with body aches and pains from their at home work stations. The pandemic has affected so many aspects of our health in a negative way that I fear that the ramifications of this will be much more costly than the direct affect of Covid itself. The lack of movement, the change in diet, the lack of self care and the removal of social interactions will have long lasting devastating consequences UNLESS we take action now and RECLAIM OUR HEALTH!!!

Move Your Body

This month let’s talk about moving your body! Many of you have heard that we need 10000 steps per day. This usually works out to about 8km of movement for the average person. It kind of sounds daunting doesn’t it? But let’s break this down to get an idea of how long this would take. The average person can walk 5km in an hour. So, let’s just say roughly 90 mins of walking will get us 10000 steps. If you are working at home and not moving much you need to remember that you are entitled to breaks. If you have 3, 20 min breaks and use those to do a quick walk outside and get some fresh air then you’ve already have done about 5km or roughly 6500 steps. If you then spend 30 mins after work and get some more fresh air then you’ll have reached your 10000 steps for the day. Moving your body does not need to be hard. If you don’t feel like going outside then I suggest getting a treadmill, stationary bike or get a trainer for your current bike (this is my personal favourite because the cost is minimal). Use the same amount of time described above to get your required movement for the day.

What does the research say about moving your body? Recent research suggests that moving your body for as little as 20 mins per day has the ability to decrease blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It also has the ability to help manage diabetes, cuts food cravings and helps us get a better sleep at night. The key to all of these benefits does not come from one day of physical activity but rather from a consistent and concerted effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Today is the day to begin to reclaim your health! Move your body today.

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