It’s no secret that chiropractic does a great job at helping those with neck pain. In fact most people that enter our office present with neck pain. So, the greatest question should be why is neck pain such a pandemic? The easiest answer is that humans have created a life that is not conducive to a healthy spine. Especially when we look over the last two years and see that we have created “temporary” at home work spaces that are not ergonomically correct, we stare are our computers with a head forward posture, or have our heads down as we stare at our phones, we are more sedentary and our diet has gotten worse. We are meant to be moving continuously and in a variety of movements and eating foods that will be conducive to building a healthy body (remember… you are what you eat!).  If humans lived life the way that we were meant to live on this earth then chiropractic would almost never be needed. The reality is that we have created a society that breeds degeneration in the spine like sugar does to the teeth.

We are seeing people coming into our office at a very young age (even as young as teenagers) with arthritic change within the spine. This arthritic change is the main reason people will present to our office. If we catch it in time we can prevent the ravages of full arthritis within the neck and possibly reverse some of the damage as well. The patients that come in when the neck first becomes a problem are the ones that get the best results. The problem is that those patients are few and far in between. The main reason people ignore it is because the body is quite amazing, it has an amazing ability for adaptation. Similar to when you wear a hat or necklace or glasses and your body forgets that those things are there, the same too will happen with problems within the spine. The body with react to the micro trauma and you will have pain for a few days and then your body adapts and the pain goes away. This happens over and over and over again and all the while the spine is actually getting worse. People will take muscles relaxants or pain killers to help mask the pain until the body is able to adapt and then they will say “I’m better….. the drugs made the problem go away”. Except the drugs didn’t make the problem go away. It only masked the pain until the body could adapt. And this is another huge reason why neck pain has become such an epidemic. People simply don’t take care of the problem when it first occurs.

The best, easiest and cheapest solution is to take care of it before it becomes a chronic problem. In a world that is full of stresses on the body we need to be more vigilant than ever before in taking care of our bodies. Diet, exercise and chiropractic are all needed to ensure that you are not part of the neck pain pandemic! Come on in and let one of the doctors assess you and determine if you are in need of a chiropractic adjustment!

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