This is the time of the year when we see many people come into the office with aches and pains related to “spring cleaning”. Whether it’s inside or outside cleaning many people are feeling the effects of their bodies getting overused or misused in an attempt to clean up from winter. The important thing to note is that this doesn’t have to be the case. We don’t have to struggle with aches and pains each spring. What follows are a series of tips and strategies to avoid the spring cleaning aches and pains.

  • When raking avoid twisting motions. Pull the leaves toward your feet instead of to your side. The twisting motion is really hard on the low back.

  • When picking up leaves, sticks, bags etc. Don’t bend over at the hips to lift. Bend low using the knees. Get into a squat position when lifting.

  • If you’re spending time down low working on the ground, don’t bend at the hips. Instead get low by either kneeling on one knee or kneeling on both knees. To help protect the knees get knee pads.

  • When lifting always keep the load close to your body. When the load is further away then the weight is magnified on your low back.

  • Never twist when lifting. This is a sure way to get injured. The low back was not designed to twist with weight.

  • Push over pull. If you have to move a heavy object that requires pulling find a way where you can push instead. The push movement allows activation of larger leg muscles where as the pull movement activates muscles in your low back.

  • Lightly stretch your body before, during and after your spring clean activities.

  • The best strategy to avoid spring cleaning injuries is to be in shape! Exercise throughout the year and spring cleaning will be less of a shock to your system.

If you’re struggling with any of these suggestions or if you’re struggling with symptoms as a result of spring cleaning come on in and pay us a visit at Kramp Chiropractic where we can align you to optimal health!

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