Upper back pain is a common ailment that enters the office. It’s not unusual to see people have tight muscles and vertebrae that need to be adjusted in this region. Stress, desk jobs, driving jobs, repetitive motion jobs, heavy lifting jobs all put an inordinate amount of strain on the upper back. Over this last year with the amount of extra sitting and the extra stress we have seen a rise in issues with upper back complaints. People will enter my office and be able to pinpoint the exact spot that hurts. The interesting thing about this though is that the spot they are pointing to as a source of pain is rarely the main culprit of why they are suffering. So much of upper back pain is the result of poor posture, neck issues, and having muscle imbalance within the pecs and the upper back muscles as well as having a weak core. While the adjustment is the main instigator for healing the strain we need to correct the reason why the strain has occurred in the first place. Chiropractors are always looking for the core of the problem and not just trying to focus on the symptom itself. This is why we get such great results in our care.

Listed below are some simple at home strategies that you can do to help stabilize core, stretch tight muscles and aid in your healing while receiving chiropractic care here at the office. If you’re curious if these are the right stretches/exercises for you to be doing then make sure you ask one of the doctors on your next visit!

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