Oh what a year….. This has been the most trying time for many in recent history. Many people have been living in a state of fear. When fear takes over, our body will activate the sympathetic nervous system. This is the body’s stress response. In this state our sleep gets progressively poorer, we don’t digest our food as efficiently, we crave more junk food as a quick source of glucose for our brain, we store fat more easily, our cognitive thought process changes to look at the most immediate needs and our ability to plan and strategize decreases. It’s no wonder why so many people have come in to see me over the last few months and have told me how they have gained weight over this last year and they feel their bodies are breaking down on them. The human body was never made to be stagnant, yet that is exactly what we have asked of it over this last year in the thought that it may slow the virus. Whether or not that was the right thing to do isn’t the question…. the question is how do we start to reclaim our health? This has to be the question that everyone is asking themselves right now. The answer is a lot easier than you might think. We must first get out of this sympathetic response. The sympathetic response is what is keeping you from shedding pounds or sleeping well. It’s what is causing your mind to race and to give you anxiety. To get your body out of this state, we need to just stop for a minute and look around. Look at your family, your friends, your spouse/partner, all of your loved ones. Then make a concerted effort to enjoy their presence. Do something different with them. Go camping, go tubing, go hiking, go to the zoo, go for a nightly walk. You need to do this without fearing each other. We are a social species and need to interact with our special people, the people that are part of our close nit group. Studies have shown that when we interact with our loved ones our stress decreases. Oxytocin will flood the brain and give you a relaxed and euphoric state. Further to spending time with loved ones we need to also spend time off of our devices and stop listening to every news and media post. Accept that the world is in the state that it’s in and focus on what you can do for your health. We all need the same things; friends, family, loved ones, exercise, fresh air and vitamin D.

So, in the meantime, come in and get an adjustment and have a chat with us about how you can alleviate your stress and get out of that sympathetic response that everyone seems to be stuck in.

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