The government has given us the ok to go back to seeing all of our regular patients. During this pandemic we were still able to be open but we were restricted to only seeing the worst cases and also those that were deemed essential workers and were in some significant discomfort. This last month and a half I’ve missed you all! I miss seeing all of the people that were coming in for maintenance and wellness care. I’ve missed seeing all of my older patients. I’ve missed seeing the kids that come to get adjusted. I’ve missed life the way it used to be. Life is not the same as it once was but that doesn’t mean we can’t get back to some sort of normal now. Now is the time to start putting some of your routines back into place. Chiropractic care, massages, exercise, and meditation are more important now than ever before. Over this last month we have all just endured what arguably has been the most stressful time in our lives. That stress inevitably will internalize and you’ll find that you’re suffering with neck pain, upper back pain or low back pain. Maybe your headaches are coming back or you’re not sleeping well at nights. These are all effects of prolonged stress on the body. We know that with the right mixture of chiro, massage, exercise and meditation you’ll be able to start feeling somewhat normal again.

A recent article that I read stated that domestic abuse is up, child abuse is up, alcohol abuse is up, drug abuse is up and I would also add in there that food abuse (eating an unhealthy diet) is also up. These are all signs of increased stress within our lives. This in no way excuses abuse of any kind but we know that those that are prone to abusing are more likely to do it when they are stressed. We need to hit the reset button. We need to take control of our lives once more.

What we have done in the clinic to allow for the increased volume of patients is to take strict pre-screening and cleaning protocols so that only those that are low risk may enter and so that the patient-doctor interaction is as safe as can be. We have also limited the flow and amount of people that may enter the office at any one time. We value your health above all else and we want to see you thrive. We want to decrease your stress levels here at Kramp Chiropractic.

If you’re still nervous about coming in then give us a call and we can put your mind at ease. We are here for you and your health care needs! Book your appointment either online or give Taylor a call.

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