I’ve had this question posed to me by a few different people. This is a time in human history that is completely and totally foreign. Yes, we have had pandemics before, but we have never had such a firm understanding of how transmission happens and how to protect one another and how to minimize the rapid spread of this virus. We are in uncharted waters. One thing we all need to do is to not be selfish. If we can work from home then we need to do that. Minimize our social interactions the best that we can. Only use essential services. So, why are we open???? Chiropractic is an essential service. The minister of health had a good conversation with the Manitoba Chiropractors Association and was in agreement that chiropractic services would help to alleviate the burden on the current health care system. People are coming in with a myriad of symptoms as a result of the increased stress they are experiencing in the world both mentally and physically. The amount of people working from home has increased substantially. These work stations are not set up ideally and as a result will add a significant amount of physical strain to the body. Couple this with a substantial decrease in physical activity and it’s a breeding ground for people reaching a breaking point in their physical health. For myself and Dr. Nicole we are here to make sure these people don’t end up needing to go to a walk in clinic or emergency room during this crazy time.

The better answer to the question as to why I’m open though is this……. I love what I do. I became a chiropractor not for fame or glory or riches. I became a chiropractor because I have an immense desire to see people thrive without the use of drugs or surgery, to be their best version of themselves. I became a chiropractor because I know the human body has an amazing healing potential that just needs to be tapped into. Through all of what is going on I am deciding to put myself in the line of fire and be in close contact with patients because I want people to thrive in one of the most stressful times of our lives. This is a calculated risk that we are taking. We are taking as many precautions as possible. We are sanitizing the tables after every patient. We are washing our hands before and after every patient. We are doing regular cleanings of all surfaces in the office through the day. We are limiting the patient flow. We are screening patients for possible symptoms of COVID-19 and asking those at risk to self quarantine for the time being. Through this time we are being responsible. I can guarantee that we are not open for any other reason but to do our small part in making the world a better place.

If we ever get to a point where it is unsafe for the community to come and get adjusted we will close our doors and wait this storm out. If you need to have a phone consult to see if coming in to the office is appropriate for you then please give us a call and I’ll be happy to do that for you.

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