There are so many times that we have patients come into our office and are looking for a quick fix. The unfortunate thing is that chiropractic works so well that there are many times that patients will come in and as soon as their pain is gone they stop coming in before we have a chance to fully educate on the value and benefits of wellness care. In our quest to educate I hope that this article serves the purpose of explaining wellness care and why EVERYONE needs to have it.


Wellness is not simply the absence of pain or symptoms. It’s easy for us to think “I feel fine therefore I’m healthy”, however; we know that for the vast majority of heart attack victims that the very first symptom they have is the heart attack itself. Or with cancer patients the very first symptoms don’t occur until the cancer is well advanced. The problem with both of these cases is that both will think they are healthy right up until that very first symptom. If you want to be as healthy as you possibly can be then it’s not about how you feel. Symptoms should never be your measuring stick to health. I had a patient one time come in and she smoked 1 pack of cigarettes a day and drank heavily. Her diet mostly consisted of take out and microwave meals; she drank only coffee and her main form of exercise was standing while at work. When asked about the state of her health she claimed “I’m as healthy as humanly possible” She rarely got sick and she never had any aches or pains, except for the nagging headache that she came in for. How would it be possible for her to be healthy? The simple answer is that while she was without symptoms her general health was moving towards illness. Time would eventually catch up with her and it did as this patient ended up with pancreatic cancer and passing away a couple of years after the original examination at my office.

I want everyone to know and understand that wellness is a journey. You can’t achieve wellness by coming in for an occasional adjustment or working out a couple of times or eating an apple once a week. If you want to be as healthy as you possibly can be you need to make a concerted effort to address multiple areas of health all the time. In saying this you should never expect perfection. Perfection is a recipe for failure, instead, focus on making good choices as often as possible. Eat more vegetables, eat more fruit, exercise more often, get adjusted on a regular basis and get adequate sleep. These are just a few things to focus on during your journey for wellness.

Why get adjusted when you don’t have any symptoms? The answer is twofold; one, you want to ensure that the bio-mechanics of the spine are functioning properly to allow for a healthy spine that is not moving towards degeneration and two, because the adjustment to the spine allows us to enhance the function of the nervous system. In doing so we ensure that the brain-body connection is maximized. This will allow you to function at your best!

If you’re looking for a plan and strategy and need more help we are always willing to sit down and come up with a plan that suits your lifestyle that has obtainable goals.

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