This is a time for resolutions. Every year I hear so many people talk about doing better with diet and exercise and working to lose weight. While I commend anyone who wants to improve their health, it seems that the motivation behind these changes are more as a result of not being happy with themselves and not merely to increase their overall health. Most people want to lose weight because they look into a mirror and see something they are not proud of. They start hiding their body with what they wear or they start to hide themselves away from friends and family because they are ashamed of how they look. There is a huge problem with anyone who is stuck in this mindset. My experience is that when you’re unhappy with yourself it won’t matter how much weight you lose you will always find something more to criticize.

       I sincerely want everyone to be more health conscious, however, before you can truly focus on physical health you need to tackle your mental health. You need to know it is okay to love yourself. You need to know you’re amazing. You need to understand that it’s okay to be you. The first step to happiness is understanding that you don’t need to impress anyone. If someone doesn’t like how you look or how you act that is their issue. Focus on what you love and what makes you unique. If it’s not hurting someone else or isn’t illegal then go and do what makes you happy. On the outside this statement appears to be one of self indulgence and hedonism, however, the truth is loving yourself allows you to give the world the best version of you. You’ll be able to share your special talents, you’ll be able to give more, you’ll be able to love more and you’ll be able to do all this while being less stressed.

       Once you’re less stressed you will find it easier to lose weight and easier to kick bad habits. You will inevitably become a healthier person overall. Everyone should be finding ways of living a healthier lifestyle but make sure it’s with the right motivations. Don’t ever lose weight because you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Do it because you want to give your loved ones more time on this earth and have more energy while here. We all should be shining brilliantly and being beacons of health and happiness.

       This year let’s make our resolution to love ourselves more. Find a place of being content in life. Stop trying to be someone else and be the best version of you. When you give the world the best version of yourself I can guarantee that the world will be a much better place.

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